Article writing

The range extends from a simple translation of existing foreign-language Texts to their adaptation and deliberate localisation for specific target groups up to and including creating a completely new article.

Example: A lengthy scientific paper for an educated audience of peers is reworked into a shorter version for an audience of laymen.

Besides general linguistic quality, texts intended for publication in print are adapted to the level of English language skills, the prevalent professional or national terminology, customary courtesies and cultural sensitivities of the target group. Texts for businessmen are generally modelled, as far as style and vocabulary are concerned, on the Financial Times of London.

Since the author very frequently has already written, in his/her own language, papers, internal company documents, lectures, professional articles, etc. on the subject that is now to be disseminated to an international readership in English, a suitable new English presentation in can often be put together in a specified length from a collection of such already available materials.

Conventional English publication lengths are 3000 or 6000 words (article or essay length).